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This is my Brother's Story

B.R.U.C.E. ~ Broken Roads U Can End
Bruce passed in November of 2016 from a heroin/fentanyl overdose. Bruce was a sweet, smart, and caring young man with so much potential. However he spent most of his 22 years suffering from depression which then evolved into the world of self medication with illegal drugs.
We all miss his wonderful smile and sense of humor. He was a bright star in our family, as he was the youngest of the adult children.
We at Broken Roads U Can End would like to spread awareness of this horrible addiction, as many lives are lost each day. We are located in GA,and FL. We will come together not only as family, but as a team to raise money and awareness for drug addiction and depression. We gave Bruce all of our love, but it wasn't enough to save him. So now we hope to spread our love and caring to help as many others who are in this same trap and are seeking help to get out.


PLEASE don't judge me because I used drugs. PLEASE don't judge me because I died from a drug overdose. I made bad choices, I broke laws, I went to rehab, and I unintentionally hurt my family and friends. But that is WHAT I DID and not WHO I WAS. I WAS a real person. I WAS.... Someones son, a brother, I was kind-hearted, giving, caring, sweet, sensitive, generous, smart, witty, charming, personable, loving, fun, exciting, lovable, a good friend, compassionate, but most of all... I was non-judgemental. I saw people for who they really were.
Maybe I can help remind people that less judgment and more compassion is what this world needs.  Help break the stigma associated with people that use drugs or alcohol.  We are people just like you, we just happen to suffer from a disease called addiction.
Love, Bruce Webster In Honor of Bruce